RockyHydro - Affordable Custom Hydroelectric Systems




 RockyHydro's highly-efficient turbines are available as either cast stainless steel or injection-molded hard plastic; and are extremely durable.  Steel turgos are recommended for use above 350 feet of head, and are required above 600 feet of head.  Other than that, the more economical hard plastic turbines work just fine. 

Instead of marking the turbines up we allow you to purchase them directly from the manufacturer.  The most common turbine is actually the least expensive, at $120.  Larger turbines of the green and orange color go for about $240.  The largest stainless turbines can be hundreds more but it is rare that a site will truly require such a turbine.

The choice of a turbine is critical for the success of your micro-hydro project.  An impulse turbine works most efficiently when it spins at 48% of the velocity of the water jet.  The velocity of the water jet depends on you net PSI.  So based on the turbines pitch diameter, and your net PSI we can come up with a target RPM.  We can ajust the target RPM by choosing a smaller or larger turbine.  The target RPM needs to match the RPM of your generator, for your stream output.  As you can see it gets a little complicated and there are some really big nasty mathmatical equations involved (YUCK!)  We would be glad to run the numbers for you and suggest both a turbine and generator that match up perfectly for your site.  We do this for a $50 fee, then allow you to purchase the components directly from the manufacturer.  Instead of paying us hundreds in margin, you only pay a $50 fee. 

For the $50 fee you will recieve-

A Micro-Hydro Calculator - used to calculate:

  • Power or watts your stream can produce
  • Necessary pipe diameter for your penstock (based on Hazen-Williams pipe-friction formulas)
  • Amount of money you'll save by generating your own electricity
  • Number and size of nozzles
  • Nozzle angle and placement

    Supplier Lists - For direct purchasing of generators, turbines, rectifiers, charge controllers, and inverters. We'll you provide you with their websites, and other contact info so you can make all your purchases without a middle man!

    Personal contact information - With this you can provide us with your head or elevation drop, flow, and pipe length. We'll provide you with unbiased, honest information about which generator and turbine would work the best, and give you a recommendation on pipe size so you can get the most power out of your site!

    A Downloadable Contruction Manual - Concerning how to put your complete system together, from the penstock to the generator and turbines with charge controllers and inverters.

    Before you make the purchase - here's a little tip: (Elevation drop in feet) X (Flow in GPM) / 10 = Watts you can produce. Run this quick calculation to see if you'll get enough power to make it all worth it.