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 Low Head Systems  

Many low head sites will be able to utilize our popular turbine and generator matches.  Some sites may be able to use a standard style turbine but you'll need to gear up the generator, this can be done easily with a set of pulleys.  Our turbines are a step up in technology over a pelton wheel, and can handle more water for their size than a pelton.  Still, for sites with very little head and a great deal of flow, we have several suppliers that utilize reation-style turbines.

lowheadhydro.jpg Our supplier "APR" sells a fantastic line of low-head systems that can handle flows up to 550 to 2050 GPM with a 5 foot drop.  These units include an ELC and output is useable 120/220 volt AC.




Our supplier PS also sells a fantastic low-head system that is a little more versatile than APR, and can handle higher heads and a wider range of flow rates.  The more head you have, the more flow the system requires.  It works better for sites that have a higher head than 5 feet, which is what the APR is designed for.  Advanced models have a self-cleaning system incorporated. 




submersible.JPGOur supplier "AA" offers instream submersible solutions for those who have a great deal of flow, with very little or no head.  With these systems, you'll need no pipe, dam, or any other major structures. 


To recieve supplier-direct pricing, you'll need to pay a $50 fee, but you'll also recieve:

A Micro-Hydro Calculator - used to calculate:

  • Power or watts your stream can produce
  • Necessary pipe diameter for your penstock (based on Hazen-Williams pipe-friction formulas)
  • Amount of money you'll save by generating your own electricity
  • Number and size of nozzles
  • Nozzle angle and placement

    Supplier Lists - For direct purchasing of generators, turbines, rectifiers, charge controllers, and inverters. We'll you provide you with their websites, and other contact info so you can make all your purchases without a middle man!

    Personal contact information - With this you can provide us with your head or elevation drop, flow, and pipe length. We'll provide you with unbiased, honest information about which generator and turbine would work the best, and give you a recommendation on pipe size so you can get the most power out of your site!

    A Downloadable Contruction Manual - Concerning how to put your complete system together, from the penstock to the generator and turbines with charge controllers and inverters.