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RockyHydro offers multiple generator designs, with many different configurations for each. 

All RockyHydro generators are permanent magnet alternators, also known as three phase brushless motors.  This style of generator is extremely reliable because they have no brushes to burn out.  By using permanent magnets instead of electro-magnets (like in a car alternator) the generator is extremely efficient.  Our generators are "three phase" which means they have three wires coming out of them, and the electricity flows back and forth thru the three wires to each other.  A special rectifier circuit takes all of this movement and directs it in all one direction; it changes the three wires with alternating current to two wires with direct current.  This rectifier is installed internally in most of our generators, but is also available seperately from one of our favorite suppliers.

 Our larger generators which produce thousands of watts, produce 120/240 volt AC power, and are also brushless.  These generators are usually used in grid-tie applications, and you'll need to hire an electrician to connect the power you're producing to the grid.  We do have a supplier of large custom electronic load controllers if you want to use one of these generators in a stand-alone system.

generator_with_cooling_fan.jpgWB generators are fantastic little energy producers that are extremely hardy.  Cost is very good at only $329.  We've enjoyed their quality service for years.  Here's some specs-

•Completely Brushless design eliminates the need for maintenance and reduces friction.
•Specially wound High-Output stator.
•Super Strong N40 grade Neodymium rare earth magnets are at its core to replace the inefficient electromagnetic field coil.
•Zero Cogging
PMA1.jpg•It is built using Brand New GM Delco alternator components including NEW Stator Coils, factory balanced shafts and Rotor Pole Shoes. Replacement bearings and parts will be available for years.
•Built-in rectifier. (DC output is unregulated)
•This unit can be used in a direct drive high wind turbine, hydro-electric application, or driven with a small gasoline or diesel engine.
•Pulley and cooling fan included with the DC512 and the DC500.
•3 phase pigtail included with the DC540 and the DC520.
•Built to last with new bearings and a baked on clear ceramic finish that will last for years in harsh outdoor environments.

brushless_dc_motor_size_36.jpgANA generators are extremely efficent and provide a wide range of power outputs and voltages.  Prices range from about $150 to $350 for most generators.  Some of the larger models do cost much more but again sites micro-hydro_generator_size_34.jpgthat need these are rare, and we try to push customers towards the WB line when that happens.  The generators are very compact and hardy, utilize rare earth magnets, are brushless, and offer a long life span of continuous use.  They are CE Certified and RoHS Compliant. 


ForlLarger sites we recommend NT generators.  Output ranges from 2600 to 9600 watts, at 120/240 volt AC.  These generators are also brushless, and weigh from 30 to 120 lbs.  The generator in this picture is the 2600 watt model. 



BIG_generator.JPGFor really large sites we have generators that can produce upwards of 100,000 watts!  These are quite the monsters and weigh hundreds of pounds.  Price is several thousand dollars, with 120/240/480 volt ouput usually.  The generator in the picture is a 25KW, costs just under $2000, and weighs about 260 LBS.

The correct choice of a generator is crucial for the success of your micro-hydro project.  The generaor needs to produce your available power at the RPM specified by your turbine.  It also needs to produce the correct voltage.  If you connect a generator that is producing 40 volts onto a 12 volt battery the generator will feel like only a 12 volt load is a partial short and your amps will go up, but your voltage will go down, and the generator will start to produce a lot of heat.  You'll have a very hot generator, running very inefficently, and it's life span will be dramatically shortened, and you'll only be producing a faction of the power you could be producing.

If you want to learn more about some of our generator options you can:  VIEW GENERATOR DIMENSIONS or VIEW GENERATOR OUTPUTS/RPM


 RockyHydro would love to help you select the correct generator, and let you purchase it directly from our suppliers for a small $50 fee.  When you pay this fee, you will recieve:

 A Micro-Hydro Calculator - used to calculate:

  • Power or watts your stream can produce
  • Necessary pipe diameter for your penstock (based on Hazen-Williams pipe-friction formulas)
  • Amount of money you'll save by generating your own electricity
  • Number and size of nozzles
  • Nozzle angle and placement

    Supplier Lists - For direct purchasing of generators, turbines, rectifiers, charge controllers, and inverters. We'll you provide you with their websites, and other contact info so you can make all your purchases without a middle man!

    Personal contact information - With this you can provide us with your head or elevation drop, flow, and pipe length. We'll provide you with unbiased, honest information about which generator and turbine would work the best, and give you a recommendation on pipe size so you can get the most power out of your site!

    A Downloadable Contruction Manual - Concerning how to put your complete system together, from the penstock to the generator and turbines with charge controllers and inverters.

    Before you make the purchase - here's a little tip: (Elevation drop in feet) X (Flow in GPM) / 10 = Watts you can produce. Run this quick calculation to see if you'll get enough power to make it all worth it.  

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