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Extra Equipment

 RockyHydro is pleased to offer Modified Sine Wave Inverters, True or Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Charge Controllers, Diversion Load Controllers, and a Rectifier to compliment our hydro-electric systems.  



rectifer.jpgWe only offer one rectifier, because the price is right!  The rectifier changes the three phase AC curent to the DC current needed to charge battery systems.  The rectifier is rated for 150 amps.  Cost direct from the supplier is about $15. 

 Charge Controllers 

A charge controller makes sure that batteries are not being over-charged.  A more advanced charge controller called a diversion load controller may be needed with some systems.  If the batteries are all charged up, the diversion charge controller then sends the electricity to another source such as a heater element.  This keeps the generator working hard and actually doing something.  If the charge controller simply stops the flow of electricity instead of diverting it, the generator RPM will increase and you'll run the risk of burning it out.  It is kind of like taking a race car and putting it on jacks, then gunning the throttle.  Since the car isn't going anywhere there is no resistance on the motor and the RPM will go too high and burn out your engine.  For larger systems, or systems running at a high RPM, we suggest investing in the diversion load controllers. 

7_amp_charge_controller.jpgYou most economical option is our 7 AMP model.  It is intended for use with smaller systems, and handles up to 7 amps of current and up to 100 watts of power. The charging light indicates the battery is charging, and a green light indicates a fully charged battery. Measures 4 x 1 x 2.5 inches (WxHxD) and weighs one pound.  This controller is NOT a diversion controller.  Cost is about $17 direct from our supplier!

chargecontroller.jpgThe next step us is our 25 AMP diversion load controller, availabe in 12V, 24V, and 48V configurations.   This Ultra High Efficiency Charge Controller is designed for alternative energy charging systems ranging in size from 0.1A to 25A and can easily handle hybrid systems such as solar+hydro+wind. Includes easy to read Charge and Divert Indicators, an adjustment for peak charge voltage, and an easy to use terminal strip for the system wire connections.  Price direct from the supplier is about $100. 

45_amp_diversion_load_charge_controller.jpgFor larger systems we recommend another step to a diversion load controller that handles up to 45 amps, 125 volts, or 4kw power. Unit ensures your batteries are always charged. The silent, pulse width modulated microprocessor control maximizes battery life. It has field adjustable voltage and battery set points, and electronic protection against short-circuit, overload, over temperature and reverse polarity conditions.  Price is about $180 direct from our suppliers.

We also have ELC's available that will be custom built for larger stand-alone systems.  We have two suppliers that we take advantage of their competitive pricing and each really have a niche as well.  We would like to pass these perks to you with direct purchasing!





  Inverters change the 12 volts DC that is stored in batteries to 120 volts AC that your normal home appliances use.  Inverters need to be rated for the amount of watts you are planning on using at one time.  If you just have a small system and want to power a few energy-saving lights and a radio a 200 watt inverter is fine. pure_vs_modified_sine_waves.jpg If you would also like to charge a laptop a 400 watt inverter would be a good choice.  If you're planning on using power tools, you'll need an even larger system (a tool that is 10 amps will use 1200 watts).  Most electrical devices will work just fine with the less expensive modified sine wave inverters.  These inverters will run tools, power lights, and charge laptops and cell phones just fine.  However, if you plan on running a plasma TV or other high-end electronics the true or pure sine wave inverter would be needed.  True sine wave inverters also eliminate the buzzing noise associated with floeresant lights and modified sine wave power. 

Prices range from $35 for the 200 watt modified sine wave inverter to $450 for the 2500 watt pure sine wave inverter.  These are direct prices from our suppliers!

To take advantage of our direct supplier pricing please pay the $50 fee below and you'll recieve -

A Micro-Hydro Calculator - used to calculate:

  • Power or watts your stream can produce
  • Necessary pipe diameter for your penstock (based on Hazen-Williams pipe-friction formulas)
  • Amount of money you'll save by generating your own electricity
  • Number and size of nozzles
  • Nozzle angle and placement

    Supplier Lists - For direct purchasing of generators, turbines, rectifiers, charge controllers, and inverters. We'll you provide you with their websites, and other contact info so you can make all your purchases without a middle man!

    Personal contact information - With this you can provide us with your head or elevation drop, flow, and pipe length. We'll provide you with unbiased, honest information about which generator and turbine would work the best, and give you a recommendation on pipe size so you can get the most power out of your site!

    A Downloadable Contruction Manual - Concerning how to put your complete system together, from the penstock to the generator and turbines with charge controllers and inverters.

    Before you make the purchase - here's a little tip: (Elevation drop in feet) X (Flow in GPM) / 10 = Watts you can produce. Run this quick calculation to see if you'll get enough power to make it all worth it.